Fund Drive

At Saegertown Volunteer Fire Department we take pride in serving our community the best we can. Whether it is directing traffic for a Panthers game, cleaning up after a car accident, responding to a medical emergency, or risking our lives to save someone’s home, we always respond as quickly as possible. However, we do need your help. We rely on the generous donations from members of our community. Every little bit helps. This money helps us purchase new equipment and maintain the equipment we already have.

The Costs of Outfitting a Firefighter

There are many unseen expenses involved in operating a fire department. Did you know on average one set of fire gear costs between $3500.00 and $5000.00? For our more than 50 members that’s over $175,000 in firefighting suits alone. Not to mention dozens of other expenses including training our team, vehicle maintenance and fuel, building expenses, and many more.

Remember that our department is a volunteer fire department whose members donate their time and efforts on a regular basis to help people like you. We understand that not everyone can be a firefighter but you can still help by making a tax deductable donation of any size. Thank you very much for your support!