Memorial Donations:

We would like to express our deepest sympathy toward the families of the following individuals as well as our gratitude to those who donated to the fire department in their memory:

In Memory of...
David William Acker 2012
Mary McDonough 2012
Susan Smith 2012
Vivian Devore 2012
Ronald Kuntz 2012
Anthony Vuksan 2012
Melvin Drake 2012
Gerald Ennis 2011
Isabelle Hunter 2011
Nellie Mattern 2011
Lois Maurana 2011
Delores Krzysiak 2011
Joan Darling 2011
Stephen Jeannerett
Glenn Canfield
James Castile
Ruth Wenzel
Lois Byers
Wreatha McKinney
Gladys Raybuck
Jean Bidwell
Lewis Wright
Howard Worley
Thomas Mushrush
John Koket
Mary Smith
Clyde Mattern
Henry Wachowiak
Neil Smith
Ed Powell
George Firer
Eugene Ritenour
Roy Black
Vivian Darcangelo
Shirley Scott
David Henry
Kenneth Luikart
Harold Raybuck
Jim Rodgers
Kathy Hasenkopf
Harry Yoder
Grace Theuret
Neil Acker
Casimiera Gajdowski
Lillian Hasenkopf
Bob Ewing
Calvin Burge
Goldie Hawn
Jeanne Brooks
William Geiger
Unice Triola
Glenn Randolph
Philip Marley
Hanna Bush
Walter Szmyd
William Krupski
David Frazier
Ernest Scott
Kenneth Stallard
Stanley Heald
Bill Weier
Andy Nageotte
Fred Cotton
Aubrey Patterson
Arden Taylor
George Coon
Lorenna McDonough
Lula Mercier
Victor Mercier
Horace McDonough
Ralph Vaughn
Betty Atwell
Grant Giles
Dot Ferry
Anna Clawson
Harry Clawson
Edna Ewing
David McKinney
Martha Vaughn
David Gruber
Frank Mason
Charlie Worley
Earl Currie
Sally Custard
William Canon
Paul Kaspic

The Vial of Life Project

We offer Vial of Life decals to our community for free. The Vial of Life Project is an important program for protecting seniors & others in need. Thanks to American Senior Safety Medical Alert Systems for donating these kits.

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