Chief Matt Smith

  C2 - BJ Fleischer   L1 - David Darling
  C3 - John Courtney   L2 -
  C4 - Andy Howles   Safety - Patrick Henry

Line Officers

Fire Police Officers

  FP Capt. - Bob Amy   FP Lt. - Dave Miller

Business Officers

  President - Jeff Miller   Financial Sec. - Dawn Pavlik
  Vice President - Dave Miller Treasurer - Tracy Harmon
  Rec. Sec. - Bill Burlingame  


  1 Year - Pat Henry   3 Year - Rich Wunderley
  2 Year - Dave Means    

Business Officers & Trustees

Active Members

Alexander, Laura (F39) Howles, Andy (F10)
Allen, Denise (F55) * Hunter, Dale (F1) *
Allen, Wendy (F45) * Koon, Phil (F25) *
  Amy, Dave (F33) *   Lawrence, Chuck (F20) *
Amy, Jason (F53) Lawrence, Joe (F13)
  Amy, Robert (F31)   Lawrence, Joey (F5)
  Amy, Steve (F18)   McClymonds, Andy (F36) *
  Berroth, Jason (F52) *   McDonough, Joe (F2)
  Bidwell, Brandon (F38)   Means, Dave (F26)
  Bidwell, Dennis (F30)   Miller, Brett (F49)
  Bidwell, Derek (F16) *   Miller, Dave (F28)
  Brown, Sean (F37) *   Miller, Dean (F42)
  Burlingame, Bill (F14)   Miller, Jeff (F11)
  Burlingame, Zack (F46)   Norton, Dan (F44)
  Castile, Merle (F19)   Ohls, Carleen (F54)
  Chess, Alan (J48)   Phelan, Mark (F23)
  Courtney, John (F29) *   Ruhl, Tanner (F17)
  Darling, Dave (F8)   Scott, Steve (F7) *
  Fleischer, BJ (F34)   Simko, Mike (F3) *
  Fleisher, Wyatt (J46)   Sloat, Joe (F40)
  Gilbert, Bob (F6)   Slynie, Steve (56)
  Harrison, Sam (F51)   Smith, Fred (F41) *
  Hasenkopf, John (F27)   Smith, Matt (F43)
  Henry, Bob (F12)   Szalewicz, George (F24)
  Henry, Patrick (F4)   Szalewicz, Ted (F47)
Henry, Randy (F9) * Troutner, Jon (F21)
  Hoey, Dan (F35) *   Wieth, Tood (0)
  Hoey, Katie (F58)   Wunderley, Rich (F22)
* = EMT

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